Trailer Fix: Take Me Home Tonight

1988 was an awesome year for many reasons. The first being that I was born, but I digress.

1988 is also when Take Me Home Tonight, a new comedy starring Topher Grace, takes place. Well, more like, Labor Day 1988.

Grace plays Matt, a recent college graduate working at Sunset Video. He, his twin sister Wendy (Anna Faris) and best friend (Dan Rogler) are all drifting through life until they figure out the next step. By chance Matt encounters his dream girl, Tori, and he tries to make something happen with her at a wild Labor Day party –  by lying about what he does.

I shouldn’t like this movie on principle because it is eerily channeling my own life (minus the 80s). But by the time “Take Me Home Tonight” chimes in, I’m sold. It may not be the greatest movie, but I’ll at least enjoy myself watching it.

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