Teen Mom 2 Premiere – Here We Go Again

I have made no secret of my interest in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. These reality shows aim to bring awareness to teenage pregnancy and are surrounded by a myriad of controversy.

Do they glorify teen pregnancy? Do they just give the girls who are featured an easy way to make money and exploit their situations?

You can’t argue with one fact: it is entertaining television. Here is the trailer for Teen Mom 2, which briefly introduces the four moms: Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn, and Jenelle. A recap of the premiere episode is after the jump.

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Leah and Corey have been broken up since the end of her 16 and Pregnant episode when she cheated on him with her ex-Robbie. (Matters of the heart are complicated.) Their twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, are now seven months old and Leah is graduating from high school. Corey and Leah spend some time talking about how they “was” and it is clear that Leah wants to still be with Corey. She is upset when he doesn’t come to her graduation (maybe he just didn’t want to see his daughters in those ugly bonnets?) and cooks him dinner. It would be their one year anniversary after all! Then the tears begin. Leah bakes a cake, gives Corey a card, tells him he’s “the one.” All that crap. The girl is really trying to make amends for her infidelity. Corey isn’t quite ready to forgive her yet. For some reason I am rooting for this couple.


Since her episode of 16 and Pregnant, Kailyn and baby daddy Jo have been having problems. They constantly fight or as Jo puts it: “It seems like you take advantage of me.” Okay, then. They break up, leaving Kailyn homeless. Her mother is no help in the situation when Kailyn seeks her out. She doesn’t even offer to let Kailyn and baby Isaac move in, leaving Kailyn hurt and upset. So Jo’s mom Janet agrees to let Kailyn stay in a spare room in the basement until she figures things out. Hello, awkward living situation. Jo doesn’t seem to be taking to kindly to this arrangement.

But Kailyn seems to have a good head on her shoulders in spite of the unfortunate living situation. She has a part-time job and is starting at community college. And, what’s this, a boy is asking her out?


Chelsea has it cushier than the rest of our teen moms. Supportive parents (her dad is willing to help out with rent as long as she keeps up with school) and friends who don’t mind spending time and, in the case of bff Megan, living with her and baby Aubree. Despite this support, Chelsea is feeling lonely. Baby daddy Adam, who you might remember called Aubree a mistake and called Chelsea a “stretch-marked bitch,” is out of the picture. Chelsea thinks she needs a man (her dad is spot on when he tells her that she misses the idea of Adam) so she goes out on a pretty uneventful date. The guy tells her to relax when she worries about the crabby nine month old with diarrhea at home and pays more attention to the game than her. Chelsea sees this, calls him a turd, and goes back to focusing on her daughter.

Chelsea still has a lot to learn. Judging from the previews, Adam comes back into the picture. (Insert eye roll here.)


I’ve saved Teen Mom 2‘s most controversial mom for last. Jenelle is this season’s Amber – she’s frustrating, immature, and her legal problems are already tabloid fodder. Her relationship with her mother Barbara is explosive. It has been since 16 and Pregnant. (I’m convinced MTV only brought Jenelle on board because she has such a flair for the dramatics.) Jenelle spends more time partying than caring for son Jace, leaving Barbara to step in. When Jenelle does try to parent, Barbara micromanages. This leads to blow up after blow up. There is more cussing imaginable and Jenelle shoves her mom. Barbara decides that enough is enough and sues Jenelle for custody. Wow. This is going to be something else to watch.

Did you watch Teen Mom 2 last night?  What did you think? How do these ladies compare to Maci, Caitlyn, Farrah and Amber? Sound off below.


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