A Best Picture Challenge

The Academy Award nominations have been announced. Now it is time for some fun.

There are 10 films nominated for Best Picture. Can you include all of their titles in one sentence? This is my attempt:

In the 127 Hours before the Inception of The King’s Speech, The Fighter learned that The Kids Are All Right because they had True Grit during Winter’s Bone when the Black Swan joined The Social Network to watch Toy Story 3.

The rules are simple: it can only be one sentence and you have to include all ten.

Ready, go!

2 thoughts on “A Best Picture Challenge”

  1. The Kids are All Right because this isn’t Toy Story 3 or something where an ugly duckling grows up to be a Black Swan and they don’t spend 127 Hours on The Social Network looking for an Inception from The King’s Speech or making jokes about Winter’s Bone (ers) and True Grit about The Fighter.

    You’re welcome, thank the vicodin and the broken nose

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