Trailer Fix: Gnomeo and Juliet

I hadn’t heard of Gnomeo and Juliet, which opens this weekend, until today. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, where our favorite Montagues and Capulets are gnomes. I’m not surprised that there is an animated film adaptation of a Shakespearean drama or that there is now going to be an animated film featuring gnomes. But something strikes me as odd about this movie.

Gnomes are generally creepy and there doesn’t seem to be a ton of gnome humor. (Unless Emma Stone is delivering the punchline.) Seems like Gnomeo and Juliet will hit some roadblocks pretty quickly.

Watch the trailer and I ask you: cute or creepy?

One last thing. When will animators learn that you cannot tack on an Elton John song to sell your movie? It gets old.

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