What Happens When You Win a Twitter Contest

About this time yesterday I was sitting in the library of my alma mater having just spent a much needed weekend relaxing and revising my approach to my post-college daze. Maybe I would edit my resume for the umpteenth time, send out a few more cover letters that won’t get any response, and maybe watch my Netflix that I have had for over a month. That is when I noticed a tweet.

What? My first thought was: When did I enter a Twitter contest? (Seriously, I barely remember retweeting the tweet that entered me.) Then I started jumping up and down out of pure excitement.  The prize was a 30-item gift bag from the Criterion Collection. I’m not entirely sure what DVDs are in it and I don’t plan on finding out before the package arrives in the mail. Where would the fun be in that?

Within minutes after the winner was announced, my Twitter feed started exploding with messages ranging from congratulatory to jealousy to just plain funny. Twitter is a funny thing because it gives complete strangers a great deal of comfort saying things they might not necessarily always say aloud to other strangers. Not that I’m complaining. I found the whole joking (I hope) Twitter rage completely amusing. It’s just another reminder why I love social media. Now, here are the tweets:


The Congratulatory:



The Discontent:




The Ones  That Made Me LOL:


The Barterers:



The General Confusion About/ Realization of My Twitter Handle:


I hope you enjoyed this collection of tweets as much as I did.  And before anyone else asks, no, I am not giving away or selling any of the movies.

2 thoughts on “What Happens When You Win a Twitter Contest”

  1. Found this under my seldom-checked @Mentions on twitter. I’m @plutomega and I stand by my congrats. This was fun to read!

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