30 Day Film Challenge: Day 4

A Film You Watch to Feel Down

Leo McCarey’s Make Way for Tomorrow is the most heartbreaking movie I have seen. It is a Depression-era movie that feels all too real, even today. What happens to you when you age and you suddenly become dependent on your children in ways you never expected? The final moments between Bart and Lucy, who I think have the greatest movie marriage because of their undying devotion to one another in spite of their children, are crushing to watch. I cry every time.

Here is how you can participate in the 30 Day Film Challenge. 

3 thoughts on “30 Day Film Challenge: Day 4”

  1. This is probably the most depressing film I’ve ever seen. The somewhat cruel children are depicted in the most honest manor possible. I just love watching the old couple reminiscing about better times. One of my favorite movie marriages. Oh, and that ending.. oh god. Gets me every time.

    Fun little tidbit: When Leo McCarey won Best Director for The Awful Truth, he said in his acceptance speech that he was thankful for the award, but they gave him the award for the wrong film. I’m sure you already know that, of course.

    Really enjoying this!

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