30 Day Film Challenge: Day 5

A Film That Reminds You of Someone

The Godfather always reminds me of my family. This isn’t because we are overwhelmingly Italian-American family. The Real Housewives of New Jersey are more Italian than us. I’ve never even been in a Catholic church.

But The Godfather has this powerful hold over Italian-American families because of the immigrant culture it represents. In that sense, the Corleones are similar to my own family .

There are smaller things that have happened to me related to The Godfather. My mom says that when she first met my grandfather in 70s, she immediately thought that his deep, raspy voice makes him sound just like Vito Corleone. (This is very true.) When I was studying film in college, the first thing some of my family members said to me was, “So, you’re going to make the next Godfather, right?” And for some time, Nino Rota’s score was the ringtone when my father called me.

I couldn’t resist picking two movies for this category. The Harry Potter franchise has not only defined my childhood but also many of my movie-watching experiences. A main reason for that is because of who I see these movies with. (And I’ve seen every Harry Potter movie more times than I can count.)

My sister and I always managed to see the first five movies in the theaters together, even when she was living in Haiti. (She actually introduced me to the books and bought me the first two movies on DVD for my birthday one year.) In college, my friends and I always seemed to settle on Harry Potter for a lazy movie night. When the final installment is released next month, I will most likely be at a midnight showing (despite how much I hate doing that) just because I should see the last movie with good friends.


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