30 Day Film Challenge: Day 9

A Film With Your Favorite Actor

Who is my favorite actor? Do I even have one? There are countless of actors I admire, but who would I bestow with this honor? A current star or a classic star? A great, consistent stage performer or a character actor who appears in six movies every year? The possibilities are endless.

Cary Grant. Henry Fonda. Richard Jenkins. Paul Newman. Tony Curtis. Frank Langella. William H. Macy. Daniel Day-Lewis. Peter O’Toole. Colin Firth. David Strathairn. James Stewart. Spencer Tracy.

My list goes on and on. So I’m going to just cop out and choose Johnny Depp. After all, it is his birthday today. Ed Wood is probably my favorite of his movies.

So there you have it. What is your favorite Johnny Depp performance?

3 thoughts on “30 Day Film Challenge: Day 9”

  1. Ed Wood is a great one, those few minutes in Before Night Falls, the channeling of Hunter S. Thompson, and, honestly, I think he really nailed it in The Libertine. Obviously I’m totally incapable of choosing just one. I mean, I even love his committment to transforming Willy Wonka. Love it or hate it, he completely tossed the established character construct to the wind…

    I also have to admit a now rather passe fondness for Jack Sparrow. His enthusiasm for that role (especially in the first film) was really contagious. I mean, I was totally in love with that character at the end of high school, he’s got swagger like no other…

    1. I agree with you about Willy Wonka! I thought Depp was marvelous in it. And you’re right, it is impossible to choose; I love so many of his performances. Thanks for stopping by!

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