Rita Hayworth, the Original Sexy Sea Captain

“Oh Rita, what are you wearing?”

The Lady From Shanghai, in addition to being one crazy film-noir, is one massive love letter to Rita Hayworth from her then-husband Orson Welles. Her often-bikini clad body and her wardrobe become an essential part of the movie, symbolizing her role as a seductress and a desperate woman. She also brings to fashion a style that needs to come back: the sexy sea captain. Seriously, what other actress could get away with this ensemble?

Only you Rita, only you.

Because I am so fixated on Rita’s gorgeous yet somewhat ridiculous outfits in The Lady From Shanghai, here is a slideshow of some of her other attire from the movie.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


6 thoughts on “Rita Hayworth, the Original Sexy Sea Captain”

  1. True story: I bought a captain’s hat as a joke for a boating party last year….I was dressed totally summer-normal otherwise (shorts, t-shirt over swim gear), but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten hit on more than I did just wandering the dock to and from the boat. It was unreal, and I am nowhere near a Rita Hayworth. Obviously, there’s a strange market for the sea captain look. We need to bring it back…

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