Odds and Ends from the Tonys

It dawned on me during the Tony Awards last night that the only musical I have seen in the last six months was a disastrous production of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. When you figure that I saw it with many of my former high school teachers, this was easily the worst Broadway experience of my life. So I have started the “help Joanna go to a Broadway show that isn’t Spider-Man so she can regain her faith in humanity musical theater” fund. (Note: This is a legit fund. I don’t care which show it is. I will sit in the most nosebleed-y seats of any production as long as it is NOT Spider-Man.)

Thank god for the Tony Awards though. They were great fun and gave me a dose of exactly what I was missing out on – Sutton Foster, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, dancing and singing Mormons, dancing and singing Harry Potter, Sutton Foster. The Book of Mormon cleaned up by winning nine awards, including Best Musical. The Book of Mormon is arguably the best thing to happen to Broadway in a while; it has injected far more life into the stage scene than Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark ever could.

(By the way, everyone’s favorite musical mess opens for real this time on Tuesday. What’s that? The sound of you casually strolling to the Times Square TKTS Booth to purchase your tickets for Anything Goes and not Spider-Man? I don’t blame you.)

Aside from The Book of Mormon domination (music to Joseph Smith’s ears?) and the success of plays, War Horse and The Normal Heart, Neil Patrick Harris was once again the best host imagineable. Did I mention the awesome NPH and Hugh Jackman host off/dance off? (“But buddy, if I’m the bottom you’re the top!” – Annie Get Your Gun will now have a revival.) Please Oscars producers, take note.

What follows next are some of the entertaining Tweets I read during the night’s festivities:

My Twitter followers expect a lot from me. (These are also two of my good friends so they could just be catering to constant need to be loved by my Tweeps.)


Spider-Man Jokes Never Get Old:

When Brooke Shields Thought Too Highly of Herself (She should take a lesson from Melissa Leo in how to cuss naturally and with charm at an awards show.)

Frances McDormand is one crazy passionate broad:

Norbert Leo Butz – say that three times fast without laughing.

Oh and that other thing that was happening last night:

Ladies and gentlemen, a War Horse Tweet

And then NPH did this and I flailed with joy.

And Al Pacino looked like this.

Who cares what he wore on his head. He's Al fucking Pacino

What did you think of the Tony Awards? Thoughts on the plays and musicals that won? Are you like me and eagerly hoping that the Jackman-NPH pairing happens again and in a greater capacity than just a song-and-dance number at the Tonys? Sound off below.

2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends from the Tonys”

  1. My personal favorite was the NPH rap at the end. Also, Catherine Zeta Jones’ ever-increasing Welshness.

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