30 Day Film Challenge – Day 14

The Film That No One Expected You To Like

My interests when it comes to movies are pretty obvious. I like good movies. I like bad movies. I just like movies. I seek some genres or certain directors out more than others. But generally, if you stick me front of a movie screen for a few hours, I’ll be content. One thing I love is going to some movies with no expectations at all, which brings me to this story.

When I was on spring break during my first year of college, I went to the movies with some friends. This was a movie they wanted to see and I just went to go.

Midway through my friend realized something was wrong with me and she asked me if I was okay. I was sitting there with my jaw-dropped, completely engrossed in what was on the screen. I was obviously overwhelmed. The movie was 300 and I was reveling in the fact that as a first-year at a women’s college, I had not seen that many men in seven months.

I don’t even remember what happened in 300. There were just these men wearing the most ridiculous, completely gratuitous outfits conceivable. It was surreal and it was weird and it was homoerotic. And then they all died. Actually, that is everything is what happened.

I haven’t seen 300 since and I have no desire to see it again, but for that those two hours, I was completely into this movie.

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