30 Day Film Challenge: Day 28

The Most Obscure Film You Have Seen

Robert Beavers - Pitcher of Colored Light (2007)

Robert Beavers is one of the great American experimental filmmakers but his work is rarely screened to the public. While in college, I was introduced to avant-garde filmmaking because it is one of my professor’s main field of interest. This is how I saw a great number of Beavers’ work, including Pitcher of Colored Light, a beautiful, moving portrait of his elderly mother. Beavers, from what I remember, gave his personal permission for his films to be screened to my seminar class.

I have seen a number of experimental films over the years that represent such a wide range of avant-garde filmmaking. I once spent two nights at Anthology Film Archives watching six hours of experimental films selected by Abigail Childs, Ericka Beckman, Peggy Ahwesh, and Su Friedrich. To this day I still don’t know how my eyes didn’t fall out of my head.

But it is Beavers’ films that have left a far greater impression on me. I’m grateful for it.

(Note: I could have written about Near the Big Chakra. But there is only so much I can write about it. You can thank me later.)

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