30 Day Film Challenge: Mission Complete

I completed the 30 Day Film Challenge this morning just as June winds down. (Did I plan that? Maybe. Just a little bit.) While I am glad that I took the challenge, I am so ready to be done with this meme. Now I can focus on a few different projects that I plan to announce in the next few days and will hopefully keep you readers interested.

Until I reveal those plans, here are links to all the 30 Day Film Challenge posts in case you missed any. Thanks for reading! Let me know how you think I did in the comments.

Day 1Your Favorite Film – Bringing Up Baby

Day 2Your Least Favorite MovieAvatar

Day 3A Film You Watch To Feel GoodDirty Dancing

Day 4 A Film You Watch To Feel DownMake Way For Tomorrow

Day 5A Film That Reminds You of SomeoneThe Godfather and Harry Potter

Day 6A Film That Reminds You Of SomewhereBus Stop, Almost Famous, It Happened One Night… and Greyhound buses?

Day 7 – A Film That Reminds You Of Your PastSixteen Candles, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Ghost World, Ginger Snaps, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Day 8The Film You Can Quote BestMean Girls

Day 9A Film With Your Favorite ActorEd Wood

Day 10A Film With Your Favorite ActressFrozen River

Day 11A Film By Your Favorite Director – L’Avventura

Day 12 A Film By Your Least Favorite DirectorThe King’s Speech (Mostly just to screw with people.)

Day 13A Guilty PleasureThe Room

Day 14A Film No One Expected You To Like300

Day 15A Film That Depicts Your LifeGarden State, Post Grad, and The Graduate

Day 16A Film You Used to Love, But Now HateSave the Last Dance

Day 17Your Favorite Drama Film12 Angry Men

Day 18Your Favorite Comedy FilmMuriel’s Wedding

Day 19Your Favorite Action FilmThe Expendables

Day 20Your Favorite Romantic FilmBrief Encounter

Day 21 – Your Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy FilmThe Lord of the Rings trilogy

Day 22Your Favorite Horror Film[REC]

Day 23Your Favorite Mystery/Thriller FilmRear Window. I mean, you can’t not go with Hitchcock, right?

Day 24Your Favorite Animated FilmWALL-E (although now I may consider changing it to Spirited Away and eventually, fingers crossed, Brave)

Day 25Your Favorite Documentary Film – Does Errol Morris’ and Werner Herzog’s bromance count?

Day 26Your Favorite Foreign-Language FilmMatador

Day 27 – Your Favorite Independent FilmGoodbye Solo

Day 28The Most Obscure Film You Have Seen – Anything directed by Robert Beavers

Day 29Your Favorite Film As A KidGrease

Day 30Your Favorite Film This Time Last YearKiller of Sheep

You can find the information to participate in the 30 Day Film Challenge on Facebook. Speaking of the book of face, if you find yourself checking out For Cinephiles by a Cinefille often and enjoying what you read, be sure to like FCBAC’s fan page. (Wow, I need to come up with a better abbreviation. That looks dirty.)

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