What To Watch? Your Suggestions Wanted

Now that I am done with the 30 Day Film Challenge – and thank goodness because I was terribly bored with it by day 25 – I want to do something different.

Back in the day, I used to be incredibly diligent when it came to watching movies. I would watch something like 15 movies a weekend in high school. (Proof that TCM keeps kids from doing dumb stuff.) I had a ridiculously fast Netflix turn around; I would rent and watch as many as five movies any given week. I had movie watching down to a science. Since then, my over eager teenage self who wanted to watch every movie ever made has died. Now I’ve just gotten lazy in my post-college days. I’ve had one Netflix rental out since April. Since I seem to be endlessly bored and incapable of watching any new-to-me movies unless they are in theaters, I need to challenge myself.

So here’s my idea.

My 23rd birthday is in September. What I want to do in the days leading up to it is watch and write about 24 movies I have not seen. (Get it? 23 movies because I’m turning 23 and one more for good luck. I’m clever.) Ideally, these movies will be selected for me by the people who read this blog – and who hopefully are not my father.

I’ve seen a ton of movies but there is always more to see. I just need a nudge to watch them. If you suggest a movie that you think is a must-see, I will add it to my list. So far, the only movie on the list is Jackie Brown. My friend wants me to watch only because The Meters are featured on the soundtrack. That leaves 23 more suggestions for what I should watch in the next month. I am down to see anything you suggest, the more off-kilter, the better. You can scope out my iCheckMovies profile to see the movies I have seen.

Once the list is set, I will write something about the movies in the 24 days leading up to my birthday. Let’s call it a Birthday Blitz Blogathon and it will begin on August 22. If there is actually any interest in turning this into a real blogathon with people other than myself participating, just let me know in the comments, on Twitter or via email. Sound like a good plan?

Update: These are the movies on the list so far: Jackie Brown, Battle Cry, Yanks, The Dark Side of the Heart, Spies, The Dreamers, Paris, Texas, The Devil’s Backbone, The Cuckoo, The Commitments, Whirlpool, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Carry on Spying, Magnolia, The King of Comedy, Barton FinkMurder by Death, GettysburgLegend, The Lookout, The Fisher King, A Face in the Crowd, and Ninja Assassin and Ichi the Killer.

With that, the list of movies is set! Excited to get to this.

18 thoughts on “What To Watch? Your Suggestions Wanted”

  1. Hm, I notice you haven’t watched Paris, Texas, which is one of my absolute favorites. That would be my recommendation.

  2. I recommend a Russian film called “The Cuckoo” (Russian title: Kukushka). Interesting story of survival among people who can’t speak each other’s languages.

  3. Carry On Spying (1964) – a ridiculous British sixties spy spoof film (aka why I love random British Tv)

  4. I know we have a lot of overlap in some areas — the part of my film taste that is a little more sensitive and feminine, maybe. But I am also such a bro, and I note you don’t list my two favorite manly-man films, Gettysburg and Tombstone! Ugh they are so great. Jeff Daniels, Val Kilmer, my life is empty without you both.

  5. Hmm, don’t know what you have or haven’t seen but here goes:
    THE BIG CHILL, HOWARDS END, SUMMERTIME, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO, REDS. You probably have seen some, but can’t be certain.

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