Well, Happy Blog-a-versary To Me

I forgot that today is the sixth anniversary of my blog. (Typical.)

If you have just started reading For Cinephiles by a Cinefille, here is my very first slightly mortifying post. Okay, it isn’t that bad. I just cringe reading it; I always will. I’ve changed a lot since I was 16, when I would furiously type away about my love for TCM and Katharine Hepburn while sitting at my parents desktop computer. Well, I’ve really only moved from that computer to the couch a few feet away. Except now now furiously type away on my laptop.

I feel like I should do something to celebrate this momentous occasion in my blogging life. Maybe I should watch Bringing Up Baby?

Nah. I watched The White Sister with Lillian Gish this morning, so I definitely got my classic movies kick out earlier. Though as I type this post I am watching the end of The Prisoner of Zenda before A Tale of Two Cities followed by Random Harvest start on TCM. Who am I kidding? I can never get enough TCM.

This post is probably a good time to announce that I am branching out a bit. Starting tomorrow, my friend Ally and I are entering the realm of pop culture podcasters. Why produce a pop culture podcast when there are so many other podcasts out there? Because none of those people are myself and Ally; we like to think that our blend of pop culture fawning, Alexander McQueen ogling, TCM fangirling, Degrassi loving, celebrity bashing, and snark (lots of snark) is unique to the podcasting world. We recorded the first podcast on Tuesday and will have it posted tomorrow. Be sure to follow our podcasting adventures on Tumblr and Twitter.

As for this blog, I will keep doing what I do: writing about movies. I am currently working on my birthday blitz movie marathon. Slowly. Very slowly. I am making my way through the 24 movies I intend to start blogging about on August 22.

You can follow me on Twitter and you can like For Cinephiles by a Cinefille on Facebook. Or do both! Please do both! But if you have to choose one, go with Facebook. All of my Twitter followers are making me egotistical.

In the meantime, thanks for reading whether you just started or have been for years. Even if you are my sister who totally denied the other day that she used to comment on my posts before anyone else would.

(P.S. I settled on watching Jersey Shore tonight. Because deep down I am a terrible person who is completely fascinated by these buffoons. Sorry Ronald Colman.)

5 thoughts on “Well, Happy Blog-a-versary To Me”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Joana. You’re old.

    And anyone who starts a blog thinking about KH is exponentially better than everyone else. I may or may not be kidding.

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