Listen Up: The Ally and Joanna Show – Episode 1

So my friend Ally and I are giving podcasting a whirl. Back in the day, Ally and I were editors on the Mount Holyoke News together.

One time Ally and I wore the same sweater to a Mount Holyoke News meeting. This is the only photographic evidence that we are friends.

After graduating from Moho, Ally received an MA in journalism from NYU and she blogs about teen dramas on The Remote Generation. We see each other fairly frequently in NYC and go to the movies together/tweet at each other/hurl insults at each other on Facebook. We have a modern friendship. And now we are podcasting together because we both love our pop culture a little bit too much and are kind of bored with our daily lives. I also wanted an excuse to use Tumblr daily.

Teaming up and podcasting seems like a great outlet. And I get to play with the editing programs I learned to use with my college degree on a weekly basis. So it is also resume building. Anyways, here it is the first podcast. Listen up and enjoy!

You can also listen to/download the episode on Podomatic and follow our pop culture adventures on Twitter/Tumblr.

Runtime: 65 minutes

1. Introductions/ Pop Culture Mad Libs – Our bios are boring. Mad libs are not. (0:17)

2. Happy Birthday, MTV – Carson Daly, Britney Spears rips off her clothes, Lance Bass pretends to like a model, Newlyweds, “Teen Wolf” – We love our MTV (6:54)

3. It’s About To Get “Awkward” – How does MTV’s latest scripted drama match up against other teen shows? And Joanna finds a way to work Skins into the conversation. (17:37)

4. A Summer Movie Trifecta – So we went to the movies recently. (30:12)

5. Thank You TeenNick – Our favorite shows (Clarissa! Pete & Pete! Salute Your Shorts!) are back on the air. (52:00)

6. Pop Culture Minute – Here’s a message to all you actresses cutting off your hair (61:00)

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