Films Watched: August 2011

Here is the rundown of what I watched in August.

8/3: Jezebel (dir. William Wyler, 1938)

I should note that I didn’t quite watch Jezebel. (What? Blasphemy!) While I can’t resist Bette Davis’ special brand of bitchiness in this, I couldn’t watch the entire movie. So I timed the showing on TCM to what I think is the movie’s very best moment. This:

8/4: The White Sister (dir. Henry King, 1923) – Starting your morning with a Lillian Gish movie is never a bad idea.

Gulp (dir. Will Studd and Ed Patterson) From Aardman Animations, it is the largest stop-motion animation. Watch:

8/9: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (dir. Rupert Wyatt, 2011)

This is by far the best and most enjoyable movie I have seen this year. (Sorry Harry Potter.) The technology showcased coupled with Andy Serkis’ impressive performance is astounding. My review can be found here.

8/11: The Dark Side of the Heart (dir. Eliseo Subiela, 1992)

Part of the birthday blitz marathon; it is a trippy Argentinian movie that I surprisingly ended up enjoying.

8/12: Ginger and Cinnamon (dir. Daniele Luchetti, 2003)

I have a soft spot for Italian comedies. Luchetti has directed some enjoyable ones. Ginger and Cinnamon is great because the lead actresses – Stefania Montorsi as a repressed 30-year-old and Martina Merlino as her 14-year-old niece eager to lose her virginity – have great chemistry together. And this happens.

8/13: Yanks (dir. John Schlesinger, 1979): Let’s all take a second and ogle young Richard Gere.

8/14: The Wedding Night (dir. King Vidor, 1935)

Let Us Live (dir. John Brahm, 1939) – I just love this poster. It is a decent enough drama that I fear gets lost in the shuffle of the wonder that is American film in 1939.

Dive Bomber (dir. Michael Curtiz, 1941) – This movie, unfortunately got in the way of my I’ve-been-watching-TCM-all-day induced nap.

His Girl Friday (dir. Howard Hawks, 1940) – I absolutely adore this movie; it is one of my favorites. With her wit, sass, and dedication to journalism, Rosalind Russell’s Hildy Johnson is my spirit animal.

8/15: Spies (dir. Fritz Lang, 1928) – Fritz Lang directed silents are really some of the best. I waited far too long to see this one.

Murder by Death (dir, Robert Moore, 1976) – Earlier in the day, I listened to an interview with Peter Falk on NPR’s Fresh Air. I unintentionally followed up by watching Murder by Death, a mad cap ensemble comedy complete with Peter Sellers, David Niven, Alex Guiness, Maggie Smith, and… Truman Capote. If you love literary detectives and Humphrey Bogart references, you’ll enjoy this movie.

8/17: Sweetie (dir. Jane Campion, 1989) – In my world, Jane Campion can do no wrong.

8/18: Whirlpool (dir. Otto Preminger, 1949) – What did I learn from Whirlpool? Women are such silly and easily deceived creatures!

8/19: The Dreamers (dir. Bernardo Bertolucci, 2003) – This movie is one giant sex scene after another guided by Godard and other cinematic greats. And it works.

the dreamers


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