Birthday Blitz Marathon: The Rundown

Tomorrow I will begin blogging about these 24 movies. After receiving a ton of suggestions about what to watch, I settled on these movies over a month ago and have been steadily watching them since. (This really means that I started watching them all in the last two weeks.)

I wasted hours making this graphic. Admire it, dammit.

I don’t really have much of a plan of how I am going to go about writing about these movies. Other than I will post about one per day until my birthday on September 14.

Here is the rundown of when I will be posting on the movies and the related links.

Update: The rundown now reflects the changed schedule.

August 22Jackie BrownHow I Stopped Complaining and Just Watched a Tarantino Movie

August 23Battle Cry –  Five Things My Dad Loves About Battle Cry

August 24The Dark Side of the Heart – A Film About Poetry As Poetry

August 25Spies – In Two Scenes

August 26SweetieFemale Experience in Jane Campion’s Films

August 27Whirlpool – Women Are Silly Creatures!

August 29 – Murder by Death – An Unintentional Day Spent With Peter Falk

September 3Paris, TexasThe Movie You Watch After The Flood

September 4 – Yanks – This Post Is Almost Completely Gratuitous

September 5 – The Cuckoo – A Case Of WWII Movie Fatigue

September 6 – The Dreamers – Cinephilia and Eroticism

September 8 – Bad Lieutenant: Port Call of New Orleans – His Soul Is Still Dancing

September 9 – The Devil’s Backbone – When Your Ghost Is No’t Patrick Swayze

September 10 – The CommitmentsMustang Sally (Roide Sally Roide)

September  12 Gettysburg – This Movie Is Over Four Hours Long. Naturally, I Live Tweeted It

September 13 – A Face in the CrowdThe Movie That Predicted Today

September 15 – Magnolia – Interconnectivity

September 16 Ninja AssassinOh. So, This Is Rain

September 19 –  The Fisher KingI Like New York In June

September 20 –  LegendTom Cruise Is A Sparkly Gladiator

September 21The Lookout – Déjà vu All Over Again

September 22The King of Comedy – Celebrity Stalking 101

September 23 – Ichi the Killer – I Gave It 30 Minutes

September 24 – Barton Fink – The Life Of The Mind

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