Why Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars Is A Great Choice

Eddie Murphy will be hosting the 2012 Academy Awards and I am already wicked excited. (I’m busting out the adopted Bay Stater in me, that’s how pumped I am.)

Murphy, who has laid low since Dreamgirls, is an unexpected choice, though he is starring in Oscar producer Brett Ratner’s fall comedy Tower Heist.

While you should never get too excited about the Oscars host to avoid the eventual disappointment, there are plenty of reasons why Eddie Murphy can be a good one – he’s a stand up legend, he is in need of a career resurgence, he will actually be funny. As one Oscars commentator has pointed out, “I’m hopeful that with Ratner behind him, Murphy will exude that unique combination of cheshire-cat grin and naughty humor that he used to such great effect in the Beverly Hills Cop films.”

But this is really the best reason:

Eddie Murphy is not James Franco.

Murphy as the host is a sign that instead of keeping the Oscars hip and relevant for twenty-somethings (types a twenty-something film blogger), Ratner is focused on the Oscars being a memorable telecast because it will actually be good. Picking the right host is the first step towards that.

Are you as excited about Eddie Murphy hosting the Oscars as I am? Or not? Here’s hoping it pans out great for us watching the telecast at home.

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