Birthday Blitz: Gettysburg (dir. Ronald F. Maxwell, 1993)

Day 15, Movie 15 – Gettysburg – This Movie Is Over Four Hours Long. Naturally, I Live Tweeted It

For the record, I generally despise tweeting as you watch a movie. It ruins the point of actually watching a movie. (Though I hate capitalizing movie titles on Twitter more. Are you that excited about BRIDE WARS that you must shout it at me over the internet?) With Gettysburg I broke my live tweeting rule. Gettysburg is a four hour movie and since I knew every essential historical detail, I had to have some fun with it.

What I Tweeted


Some Replies To My Insanity!/kciryWhtieK/status/113028271217709056


Mallory Tweets

My friend Mallory told me to watch Gettysburg. I didn’t realize why she loves it until afterwards: Mallory is a bro and Gettysburg is all about bromances. And Mallory was very invested in my live-tweeting.’


Tweet Exchange Of The Night – One last tweet that made my night. I was perplexed by my sudden desire to join the Confederacy at the end of the movie.!/kciryWhtieK/status/113082252799389696


All in all, I found Gettysburg to be entertaining though a bit melodramatic. There were moments I couldn’t stand (the score that never seemed to stop) but I did appreciate Jeff Daniels performance as Joshua Chamberlain, a US Army colonel.  But when it comes to the Civil War, I think I’ll stick to PBS documentaries.

This post of is part of my Birthday Blitz Marathon.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Blitz: Gettysburg (dir. Ronald F. Maxwell, 1993)”

  1. As you’d expect this is required viewing in Texas (former Confederate state, we were so raring for war we impeached then-governor Sam Goddamn Houston because he sided with the Union). I think it’s overlong and yes, melodramatic, but I will probably buy the blu-ray if it’s at a pawn shop… just for the beards. :D

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