Poster Fix: War Horse

Oh look, here’s the poster for Steven Spielberg’s War Horse (due out December 28). Everybody drool!

Are you done drooling yet?

Ever since I saw the trailer for War Horse (and everytime I have had to see it since), I have been dreadfully bored by the promotional material for this movie.

I get it. World War I sucked for horses. World War I sucked for Europe. But this boy loves his horse so damn much he’ll do anything to get him back. That’s just great.

Now show me something that doesn’t scream, “Give me an Oscar” and actually makes me excited to see War Horse. Until then I will continue to be dreadfully bored by War Horse.

(For the record, I will be seeing War Horse. I may be snarking now but I’m sure I will be proven wrong come December. I usually am.)

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