Trailer Fix: War Horse, Take Two

I haven’t exactly been quiet about my general detestation of the promotional material we’ve seen for War Horse so far. The first trailer is incredibly manipulative and the poster is just boring.

So when I watched the latest trailer today I was expecting more of the same.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In this trailer, we get a bit more of the battle scenes (those poor horses), the same painfully boring measures of John Williams’ score, less Niels Arestrup, and more glimpses of the trauma the horse will experience. We even get to stare into the horse’s very sad eyes.

Well, I definitely hate this trailer less than the other one. It will unlikely set me off into a state of rage if I see it during the previews before something else. But I still don’t care about War Horse.  So keep trying Dreamworks and I’ll just watch Au Hasard Balthazar in the meantime.

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