Five Great Movies According To My Mom

These are my parents, Nancy and Joe. They are ridiculous.

A few months ago, I shared my dad’s five favorite movies and set him off on a path to Internet superstardom. This irritated my mom because Joe got to share his favorite  movies first. She was so irritated, I had to quickly jot down her favorite movies and promise to post them on her birthday. So here are my mom’s five favorite movies. Happy birthday Nancy!

Disclaimer: Just to double check, I asked my mom what her favorite movies were last week. She said “I should just know them” and it would be “too bad” if I hadn’t written them down. So who knows if these are actually her favorite movies. She also wouldn’t tell me why she likes these movies, so I’m just making it up. Now she’ll probably be irritated at me for writing this post. Oh well. I’m her favorite child (right, Mom?) so I’ll risk it.

1. Little Women (dir. George Cukor, 1933)

Little Women is my mom’s favorite book ergo she loves the movie. (Duh. It always works likes that.) The 1933 version starring Katharine Hepburn is her absolute favorite Little Women movie. Maybe. She didn’t tell me which version is her favorite.

2. Gone With The Wind (dir. Victor Fleming, 1939)

My mom often talks about seeing Gone With The Wind with her girl scouts troop when it was rereleased in theaters in the 1960s. It’s one  of her most memorable moviegoing experiences from her childhood. (This and sneaking into a Beatles movie when she was a teenager.)

3. The African Queen (dir. John Huston, 1951)

Nancy probably loves this movie because Humphrey Bogart is sexy. No other reason.

Fun fact: If you enjoy this blog, you should probably thank my mom. When I was an impressionable teenager she told me to start watching TCM. One of the movies was The African Queen and I was instantly hooked.

4. The Big Sleep (dir. Howard Hawks, 1946)

Honestly, I don’t know why she enjoys this movie. On more than one occasion she has told me that no matter how many times she watches The Big Sleep, she doesn’t understand what happens. (It’s been so long since I’ve seen The Big Sleep, that I don’t remember what happens either.) So let’s just say she likes it because Humphrey Bogart is sexy.

5. Yanks (dir. John Schlesinger, 1979)

Nancy loooooves Richard Gere. She swoons at the mere mention of Yanks. She not so secretly wishes she lived in a quaint British village during WWII so she could be whisked away by a US solider. Or just Richard Gere. She just wants to be whisked away by Richard Gere. Don’t tell my dad.

5 thoughts on “Five Great Movies According To My Mom”

  1. Your mom is fly. Also, can anyone remember what the heck The Big Sleep is about? I just remember thinking Bacall was the coolest person alive.

  2. Okay, your mother rocks. And, yes a big part of that is because of the two Katharine Hepburn citations. But, Little Women is a great novel, you can’t wrong even if I don’t love all the versions as much as the 33 one.

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