5 Days of Christmas Movies: Bad Santa (2003)

#5: Because blogging about It’s A Wonderful Life right before Christmas is overdone.

I realized something last night: The drunk Santa Claus in Miracle on 34th Street is Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa. Can you imagine Kris Kringle’s reaction if he met this unlawful drunk and his “motherf***ing dwarf” cohort? Kris Kringle would have a stroke. Or, worse, he would shave his whiskers.

Bad Santa counterbalances every overly cheery Christmas movie that has ever existed, especially Miracle on 34th Street. My inner grinch (admit it, you have one too) appreciates it immensely.

Billy Bob Thornton was born to play the role a drunken mall Santa Claus who terrorizes children and shocks their parents. Except one impressionable boy who desperately wants Santa Claus to be his father figur. The Kid is no Susan. His naive nature is charming, cute, and kind of heartbreaking. Susan’s precociousness was gratingly annoying.

As much as I enjoy the timeless classic holiday movies,  Bad Santa is like the necessary evil of Christmas movies.

I can only imagine what will happen in the sequel.

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