My (Blogging) Plans for 2012

Here's how I spent the end of 2011. Now it is time to focus on 2012.

Now that it is officially 2012, here are just some of the ideas I have for this blog in the upcoming months.

  • Director Marathons
    • Last month I took an informal Twitter poll about the directors whose entire filmography is worth checking out. I received a ton of responses (nearly 70) and I think it is necessary for me to start working my way through certain director’s filmographies. This may just be an excuse so that I finally watch all of Martin Scorsese/Stanley Kubrick/Akira Kurosawa’s (you get the point) films.
  • Birthday Blitz Blogathon 2012
  • Five Great Movies According To…
    • You know my dad’s favorite movies and my mom’s favorite movies. But what about other people? I want this to become a more regular feature. One of my sisters has already agreed to share her favorite movies, though she claims her list consists of solely Dirty Dancing. So if you would be interested in sharing five of your favorite movies, send me an email –
  • Thesis Redux
    • Last spring I decided it was time to revisit my college thesis about American independent cinema after September 11. I wrote one post (about Killer of Sheep) and not a single post after that. This time I’m serious. I’ll actually write more about this topic.
  • And I will continue to post the usual reviews, Oscars commentaryweekly film diets, lessons from bad movies, Skins recaps,  Friday Night Classics, and my general misgivings about the movies I watch.
  • Also. I will stop abbreviating For Cinephiles by a Cinefille to “FCBAC” because I sometimes think it stands for an undiscovered STD.

So these are some of my plans and I will start on them… tomorrow.

One thought on “My (Blogging) Plans for 2012”

  1. When you start your director marathon can you post it somewhere so we can also follow along? I want to conquer the directors via a marathon as well. Thanks!

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