LOL: The Coming-of-Age Movie You Didn’t Ask For

Well…I was attempting to write a serious post about Tinker Tailor Solider Spy this morning. Then I watched the trailer for LOL: Laughing Out Loud, a coming-of-age teen dramedy starring Miley Cyrus. LOL is a remake of a 2008 French film of the same name. Both films are written and directed by Lisa Azuelos. Somehow I don’t find this comforting and any chance of me being serious is long gone. Here’s the trailer.

Don’t worry. I have broken down LOL (colon) Laughing Out Loud for you.

This is Lola aka Lol. She’s at that “special age”

LOL also stands for Lola. And that feeling you get any time you’re reminded of Miley Cyrus’ existence.

LOL has a boyfriend. He breaks her heart. Because she’s 15, she reacts irrationally.

No one ever told LOL to avoid guys named Chad and to never use permanent marker.

This is LOL’s male best friend. They get into trouble together.

Male BFF is enigmatic and stuff. He plays the guitar and wears sunglasses. Lola decides she loves him.

Demi Moore is LOL’s mom

Parenting 101 according to teen movies: Stern parents who can’t control their children always wear glasses.

LOL is acting out. She gets bad grades and throws wild parties.

Fortunately for Mama Demi, LOL also keeps elaborate journals that illustrate her bad behavior. (Please tell me you LOLed at the scene of Demi angrily waving a box of condoms in Miley’s face.)

LOL uses the internet to plan a jaunt to Paris.

Because the best coming-of-age stories always take place in Europe. I want to know how LOL and company get away with this.

LOL’s male BFF/crush is a musician.

Someone should tell LOL that the second you show up at your boyfriend’s gig with your iPhone and flashiest groupie outfit, the second you start setting yourself up to be miserable. Because he will always choose music over you. (I have no experience in this matter.)

LOL and friends judge other girls for having “skankville” underwear.

The filmmaker’s intend for this cliche locker room scene to be ironic.

LOL is desperately seeking something. Hopefully it is Susan but it is probably just love… and drugs.

Most likely, it is love. How can you not love this face?

Verdict: I love coming-of-age teen dramedies as much as the next person (probably more) but LOL looks like the demented love child of Skins. The American version of Skins. The characters seem poorly imagined and like every other character in every other poorly imagined teen comedy. That is unfortunate.


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