When Beauty and the Beast Meets Downton Abbey

In just a matter of days, Downton Abbey has taken over my life. I love everything about this series and want to shout my undying love for Julian Fellowes from the Highlands. (Sidebar: Are Scotland references okay when one writes about Downton Abbey?)

When I saw Beauty and the Beast (in 3D! It was magical!) yesterday, a brilliant thought crossed my mind. Every servant in Beauty in the Beast is the animated version of every servant in Downton Abbey. So naturally, I wasted hours photoshopping pictures and shared them on Tumblr. The photo set has been received more notes than I ever expected, making me realize “Crap, maybe I should I explain my reasonings.”

So here they are: Every servant in Beauty and the Beast as a servant on Downton Abbey.

Carson and Mr. Carson

Cogsworth is the “very serious” servant who is loyal to the Beast and (tries to) control the servants. Just like Carson. Cogsworth also has a flair for dramatics. Just like Carson.

Lumiere and Bates

This is the most questioned comparison. “Oh, Mr. Bates is not Lumiere. Lumiere is Thomas.” (I said that in Ricky Gervais’ voice, by the way.) Although their personalities don’t quite fit, Lumiere is Bates. Neither is particurly conniving, they’re loyal, and they are in love with Fifi (Anna).

Fifi and Anna

Because they are both maids and have a relationship with Lumiere (Bates). Bates would save Anna from being plucked by a villager. (That’s what she said.)

Mrs Potts and Mrs Patmore

Mrs. Potts and Mrs. Patmore are exactly the same person. Sometimes I forget that Lesley Nicol plays Patmore and not Angela Lansbury.

Chip and Daisy

Daisy is not Mrs. Patmore’s child but they have a very obvious mother-child relationship. Especially when it comes to dealing with Daisy’s relationship with William.

Wardrobe and Mrs. Hughes

While Mrs. Potts gets to sing all the songs, the Wardrobe is the lady-in-waiting. She runs the household and comforts Belle in her time of need. And if Downton Abbey ever came under attack, Mrs. Hughes would kick some serious ass. (The Wardrobe could also be O’Brien. But I don’t like O’Brien.)

Forte and Thomas

In Beauty and the Beast no servant is evil enough to be Thomas. Cogsworth and company just want to be human again! Thank goodness Disney made those sequels no one watches. Forte is the main antagonist in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. He enjoys being a giant pipe organ and being the Beast’s main confidante. Naturally, Forte tries to ruin Belle and the Beast’s relationship and fails miserably. So Forte is Thomas, with a dash of O’Brien. (But I don’t like O’Brien.)

This leaves one question: Which Beauty and the Beast servant is O’Brien? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “When Beauty and the Beast Meets Downton Abbey”

  1. Found this post, when I googled Carson is cogsworth. 😊😊 O’Brien is the stove UN beauty and the Beast. They both think they’re under appreciated.

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