The Ally and Joanna Show – Episode 26

There is one word to sum up this week’s podcast: weird. Ally can’t stop saying it. Everything from unforgivable celebrities to an American version of Downton Abbey (we don’t get that one either) are just really weird. Listen and find out why.

1. A Look at Celebrity Deaths – When a famous person dies, the world Internet cries.

2. The Most Hated Celebrities Club – Chris Brown won a Grammy. Controversy ensued. Who are some other notable people who will never be forgiven?

3. A British (Television) Invasion – America, please do not ruin Downton Abbey or Sherlock with your crappy remakes.

4. Pop Culture Minute – Singers are people too!

You can connect with the Ally and Joanna Show using all the groovy buttons below! Or shoot us an email at! Join us next week?


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