Trailer Fix: To Rome With Love

The first trailer for Woody Allen’s next film The Bop Decameron Nero Fiddled To Rome With Love debuted today.

The romantic-comedy consists of four star-filled vignettes set in the Italian city. In the trailer, we’re mostly introduced to a story line that features Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg and Greta Gerwig caught in a potential love triangle with Alec Baldwin acting as the unintentional commentator. We also get a glimpse of Allen, in his first acting role since Scoop, and Judy Davis as a couple meeting their daughter’s fiancé’s family. Meanwhile, Roberto Benigni is entangled in a case of mistaken identity and Penelope Cruz vamps it up.

All in all, To Rome With Love looks promising. Following the success of Midnight in Paris, I imagine more people will be hyped to see To Rome With Love. What about you? What do you think of the first trailer for To Rome With Love? Will you check out To Rome With Love when it hits theaters on June 22?

5 thoughts on “Trailer Fix: To Rome With Love”

  1. this is definitely classic woody, but i do love the cast (but page and eisenberg are questionable here). i love penelope cruz, but i wish allen would stop casting her as the sex-crazed/sassy/wild vixen.

    1. It’s verrrrry classic Woody, which makes me content. Though I’m skeptical about the Page-Eisenberg pairing as well, but I’m glad to see Ellen Page doing something. And I wish I could stop loving Penelope Cruz as the vixen. She’s too good at it!

  2. I love Woody Allen and I’m thrilled to see his return as actor. Jesse Eisenberg is my favourite young actor. All the cast however is great. The movie seems funny … the “location” amazing. I can’t wait to see it.

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