My Week in Film: May 29 to June 2

Here is what I watched last week.

Wild in the Country (dir. Philip Dunne, 1961)

Nice scarf, Elvis.

A preview of the next installment of The Elvis Files.

The Pink Panther (dir. Blake Edwards, 1963)


This is possibly my favorite opening credits sequence. Though I prefer A Shot In The Dark to The Pink Panther.

My Man Godfrey (dir. Gregory La Cava, 1936)

I hadn’t seen My Man Godfrey in several years. When I wasn’t overanalyzing Carole Lombard’s character, I found it to be mostly enjoyable. I should really see more William Powell movies.

Bringing Up Baby (dir. Howard Hawks, 1938)


This is my favorite movie of all time. (Chances are you already knew that.)

Shame (dir. Steve McQueen, 2011)

I finally watched Shame. Someone get me a time machine so I can be properly outraged about the Fassbender Oscar snub.

6 thoughts on “My Week in Film: May 29 to June 2”

  1. “Oh. Now I’m a butterfly”

    Fassbender was on the Daily Show the other day – quite a likable fellow. I haven’t seen Shame, though I heard about ‘full frontal’ this and ‘oscar snub’ that. He looks cool in Prometheus, so I may give Shame a watch. Cheers,

  2. I don’t know, I didn’t fall for Shame or Fassbender in it. I think it’s fine, a bit deliberate often, a good Fassbender and a spectacular Carey.

    1. I’m definitely not crazy about Shame but I can see why all the outrage over the Fassbender snub happened. You’re right though. Carey is phenomenal. I definitely wasn’t expecting that performance from her.

  3. Fassbender’s role was on-message but shallow- robotic. Perhaps it was too hard to have empathy for the character. Agreed though – Carey Mulligan is a great singer and has a beautiful solo in this film.

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