Everything I Thought During Skyfall

Photo: FilmoFilia

Is Skyfall the best Bond ever? I’ll let Roger Moore be the judge of that, which is probably a good thing considering the train of thought I had while watching the movie last night. Some spoilers follow so read at your own risk.

1. I’m really tired.
2. Istanbul is in every movie this year.
2. Now that Adele song makes sense.
3. The Spy With The Scorpion.
4. Daniel Craig should make an exercise video.
5. I lied to my elementary school gym teacher to get the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.
6. I still can’t do a pull-up.
7. Peacoats are impractical outerwear for a spy.
8. Severine could join my Creepy Finger Nails Club.
9. The Creepy Finger Nails Club are movie characters with Creepy Finger Nails like Saruman… and Adele.
10. Komodo dragons are not pets. Phil Bronstein agrees.
11. Anton Chigurh.
12. How do you spell Chigurgh?
13. When did I last see No Country for Old Men?
14. That’s not what it is called. No Country for…
15. …Old Men. It is called No Country For Old Men.
16. Ralph Fiennes will always look like a lizard.
17. I’m still tired.
18.  So this is Silence of the Lambs meets James Bond?
19. Javier Bardem should teach a yoga class.
20. Maybe female politicians aren’t so wonderful after all.
21. Judi Freaking Dench.
22. What a diverse group of mercenaries.
23. Welcome to Scotland.
24. Still tired.
25. Chigurh.

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