The (Blogging) Plan for 2014

Happy New Year!

Yes, I’m still blogging. In case you (I’m assuming at least one person still reads this blog) were wondering, I deliberately stepped away from blogging in December off. I think my self-imposed solitude worked.

Now that it is a new year – and with a new year comes a chance to recharge – here is what I have in store. For instance:

I will finish the Elvis Files. (A project two years in the making.)

I will return to writing reviews. (I stopped two or three years ago for whatever reason.)

I will publish the one post I’ve been working on for three months about why I am completely dissatisfied with 2013 films.

I will stop reducing my posts to Buzzfeed-esque lists about movies. (Because lets face it, Buzzfeed lists have reduced writing about culture to basically nothing.)

Lastly, I have enlisted some of my friends to challenge me to do something different with this blog. Like the film nerd equivalent of eating insects. Maybe they will force me to watch something I would never watch. I don’t know what they have planned. But one conclusion I reached during my hiatus is that this blog is Maybe it is time I focused more on the “fille” part than just the “cine” part.

Who knows if I will actually complete any of these resolutions. I am terrible at following through with the goals I set for myself. So in the meantime, just know that yes, I’m still blogging and yes, I’m still here.

Like Smaug, the Liberace of dragons, I’m not going away any time soon.
Like Smaug, the evil Liberace of dragons, I’m not going away any time soon.

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