30 Day Film Challenge: Mission Complete

I completed the 30 Day Film Challenge this morning just as June winds down. (Did I plan that? Maybe. Just a little bit.) While I am glad that I took the challenge, I am so ready to be done with this meme. Now I can focus on a few different projects that I plan to … Continue reading “30 Day Film Challenge: Mission Complete”

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 30

Your Favorite Film This Time Last Year Killer of Sheep is tied with Bringing Up Baby as my favorite film. I don’t see that ever changing with these two movies. I became enamored with Killer of Sheep when I was researching for my thesis two summers ago and I have only become more intrigued by … Continue reading “30 Day Film Challenge: Day 30”

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 29

Your Favorite Film As A Kid I remember that one of my birthday parties when I was probably in the third or fourth grade was a sleepover. Every girl in my class spent the night and we watched Bye Bye Birdie and Grease. The next day, after they all had left and before Grease had … Continue reading “30 Day Film Challenge: Day 29”