What I Learned From A League of Their Own

This lesson is obvious. It’s also not true because there is crying in baseball, especially when A League of Their Own is involved.

What can you learn from A League of Their Own? So much. I recently rewatched the movie and after I finished crying, I realized how many valuable lessons we can take away from it. Particularly if you are a women struggling with domesticity. Then A League of Their Own is the ideal movie for you to base your entire existence around.

Here are its key lessons.

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22 Years of Movies

This post is for the “A Life in Movies” blogathon hosted by Fandango Groovers Movie Blog. It is easy enough: pick a movie from the year you were born until 2010. Some are movies serious picks while others let me relive important moments of my youth, like the “Thong Song”. Enjoy!

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