Skins (UK) recap: Franky, the new freak in Bristol

The new girl in town

Welcome back to Bristol, Skins fans. Effy and company have gone their way so we are starting fresh with a new cast of characters. With its American counterpart underway and most likely slowly getting into a groove, we should be grateful that this fifth season has also begun. (Two Skins for the price of one internet stream? Huzzah!)

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Skins preview: Relax Franky!

If you haven’t been sold yet on MTV’s American adaptation of Skins. Or if you are concerned by reports that the new version has to be toned down, which would in essence ruin what is characteristic about Skins. Don’t worry. The fifth season of the British version featuring a new group of Bristol misfits premieres next Thursday.

The episode, “Franky,” centers around Franky Fitzgerald (Dakota Blue Richards). Here’s a clip.

E4 also has pictures from the episode you check out here.

I know that I am already sold on Series 5. Are you?

The King’s Speech Tops BIFA

At the 13th Annual Moet British Independent Film Awards, The King’s Speech received five awards: best film, best screenplay, best actor (Colin Firth), best supporting actress (Helena Bonham Carter) and best supporting actor (Geoffrey Rush). Surprisingly, director Tom Hooper did not win the directing prize. Instead, Gareth Brooks, the director of Monster, did. Monster received three awards in total.

For her performance in Never Let Me Go, Carey Mulligan was named best actress. Bonham Carter’s win comes as a surprise to some after Lesley Manville was named the best actress for her role in Mike Leigh’s Another Year by the NBR.

The King’s Speech, which opened this weekend in the U.S., is an early front-runner in the Oscars race.

The complete list of BIFA winners is below:

Best British Independent Film
The King’s Speech

Best Director
Gareth Edwards – Monsters

The Douglas Hickok Award [Best Debut Director]
Clio Barnard – The Arbor

Best Screenplay
David Seidler – The King’s Speech

Best Actress
Carey Mulligan – Never Let Me Go

Best Actor
Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

Best Supporting Actress
Helena Bonham Carter – The King’s Speech

Best Supporting Actor
Geoffrey Rush – The King’s Speech

Most Promising Newcomer
Joanne Froggatt – In Our Name

Best Achievement in Production

Raindance Award
Son of Babylon

Best Technical Achievement
Monsters – Visual Effects – Gareth Edwards

Best Documentary
Enemies of the People

Best British Short

Best Foreign Film
A Prophet

Skins (UK) Recap – What Just Happened?!?

I haven’t posted recaps for the last three episodes of Skins because of my schedule. But the episodes “Katie”, “Freddie”, and “J.J” basically went like this: The Fitches went bankrupt, Katie and Emily more or less made up, Naomi and Emily did not, Pandora still clearly loves Thomas, JJ got a girlfriend, JJ and Thomas have the best scenes together, Cook broke out of prison, Freddie dealt with a manic-depressive, bipolar Effy and Effy attempted suicide. Now that we’re caught up, let’s get on with the recap.

There is a HUGE spoiler in this recap. Read at your own risk.

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