So I’m Going to Cannes

Hey there readers,

Cinefille here. Welcome. I’ve been a blogging about movies and pop culture for over three years now, which brings me to my latest blogging project – Cinefille at Cannes.

On Friday night, my friends, who have aptly named themselves Leni Riefenstahl and Maya Deren (because that won’t get confusing), and I learned that we had been accepted into the American Pavilion Student Filmmakers Program at the Cannes Film Festival.

Through the program, we’ll get to see a side of the film industry that most film students will never experience (at least not until they’ve been working in the industry for some time). We will be attending Cannes, the largest film festival and market in the world with full access to the festival.

We each have our own reasons for attending the festival through the AmPav program – Leni wants to learn about distribution; Maya wants to learn about becoming an editor; and me – I am going to (hopefully) learn all about entertainment journalism. There is no better place for the three of us to learn about the industry and about what we possibly want to do within the industry than at the largest and oldest film festival in the world.

The festival isn’t until May, but as an overextended college student I’m always looking for ways to procrastinate. I mean, I already have two blogs, so why not create another months before I really need to. Leading up to the festival I will be writing about anything and everything I can about the festival. During the festival, I will be blogging about Cannes (I know, big surprise) and our experiences at the festival.

Leni and Maya are two of my closest friends at Mount Holyoke. I can’t imagine going to Cannes for the first time (ideally there will be many more to come after this) without them. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I plan to experience Cannes for all it is worth.

All My Friends Are Abroad

Ah, the sob story of the junior who decided not go abroad for the semester. I’m stuck in cruddy New England while my friends travel the globe in Egypt, Spain, Prague, Ireland, France etc.

Fortunately for me they all have created blogs, a trend I like to think I had something to do with. Okay, maybe not.

These blogs are full of stories and pictures of their adventures and because I like their blogs so much, I’m posting links to them.

So here ya go:

Julia – Julia in Egypt
Claire – Claire’s Adventures in Egypt
Emmalie – Oh, the Place You’ll Go: A Year in Spain

There will be more to come I’m sure.

Without the Golden Globes, This Blogger Has Lost It

This is what a normal, happy Cinefille would have looked like on the night of the Golden Globes.

See. I looked all pretty, in my pretty dress, ready to go to the tv room so I could host a cranberry juice (I’m not 21 yet) and cheese party and watch Hollyweird congratulate itself.
But once the Golden Globes were canceled this cinephile snapped.
“No Golden Globes! My life is ruined!”

In denial, I put on my best Norma Desmond and headed for the tv room.

But alas the television was off. Just like the Golden Globes.

Hopefully, the Oscars are still on. So I don’t lose what little sanity I have left.

A Belated Birthday

It is hard to believe but For Cinephiles by a Cinefille turned 2 years old on August 4. What a strange journey it has been. I hope you all are still enjoying my little slice of movie heaven. In fact you better be because I certainly have another year or so left in me. If you are curious to see my humble beginning, you can check out my earliest (and very embarassing) posts here.