Best Film Yet

I only saw one movie today but it was definitely the best film I’ve seen so far at the festival. Polistist, Adjectiv, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu, is a Romanian film competing in the Un Certain Regard category. In 2006, Porumboiu’s film 12:08 to Bucharest, received the Camera d’Or (Best First Film) and along with Cristian Mongiu’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 days, this film began what is now known as Romanian New Wave cinema. Interestingly enough, this moniker has become so popular that the Romanian Pavilion is using it to promote Polistist, Adjectiv and other Romanian films as the festival. So these wonderful films have become just another example of art becoming commercialized – but that’s a discussion for another post. 

Polistist, Adjectiv follows a police officer as he follows a teenage drug dealer over a course of three days. He and his superior officer clash over how to sentence the drug dealer and their argument becomes a compelling dialogue exchange.  The film is slow, so slow in fact that it is almost a real time film. Each scene is intricately thought out and expected film techniques are rarely used. Characters often leave the screen or are out of frame. These long and sloq sequences often have a complete lack of dialogue, making the moments when characters do interact all the more important. 
Polistist, Adjectiv is a great film and it has completely confirmed my love for current Romanian cinema. 

Creepin on Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola was at the AmPav yesterday, delivering a speech about his career and filmmaking. I only caught some of the speech when I walked through the restaurant area. I did however manage to snap to creeper/paparazzi style photos of Coppola as he left the Pavilion.

Isn’t the side of his head beautiful?

The Red Shoes and Martin Scorsese

Last night, I saw a restored version of The Red Shoes. I have never seen The Red Shoes before so this was a complete treat. What made it even better though was Martin Scorsese and Thelma Schoonmaker introducing the film. The families of William Powell and Moira Sheerer were also in attendance.

Scorsese began his introduction by recounting the first time he saw The Red Shoes when he was child. Listening to Scorsese talk about his love for classic Hollywood films was a complete treat. I’m so glad I decided to ignore how exhausted I am and saw this movie.

Martin Scorsese introducing The Red Shoes

The verdict? I absolutely loved it. The dancing, the performances, the visuals – just wow. I am absolutely in awe and I can’t put into words how this film has astounded me. I’m speechless.

I don’t think anything will top this moment for me for quite some time.

Up Premieres

The festival began on Wednesday with the premiere of Up. I could have gone to one of the two red carpet screenings but I literally would have had to put on my fancy clothes and run to the Palais. That just wasn’t going to happen. Besides I’d rather save my red carpet moment for something other than Up. 

As promised here are pictures from the opening day. I ended up not taking that many because I was working most of the day. But two are always better than none. 

As you can see, the promotional material for the film was really adorable. Balloons were being handed out left and rights. Nearly everyone got one and it was especially cute to see little kids running around with their Up balloons. 

A Quick Update

Currently in the American Pavilion. I’ve been busy with the internship and trying to catch all the screenings I want. So far I’ve only seen Fish Tank but I have tickets to The Molly Maguires tonight at 10, Bright Star (Jane Campion’s film) tomorrow at 8:30 AM and Thirst (dir. Park Chan-Wook) at 11:30 AM.

Soon I want to venture around the International Village and collect as much free food/pamphlets/drinks as I possibly can. I briefly went to the Indian Pavilion this morning and kind of geeked out when I saw everything that was in there.

I also coincidentally ran into the director and producer of the film I was a PA on last summer. It was completely unexpected but a nice surprise. Maybe I’ll actually go watch the film now. (Maybe).

Tomorrow I’ll upload some pre-Red Carpet pictures from the opening night and some reviewlettes of the films I see today and tomorrow.