24 hours away

By this time tomorrow night, I will be on plane headed for Cannes. Now if only I could concentrate on finishing my finals…

One Week To Go

Seven days until I leave for Cannes.

Am I freaking out yet? A little. But I’m more concerned about finishing my finals than going to Cannes. I think as long as I don’t think about Cannes (and subsequently get too excited to concentrate), then I should be able to get everything done.

Fingers crossed.

My Pre-Cannes French Lesson of the Week

This is priceless.

This week’s French lesson : What do you mean I am not on the guest list! I am Brad and Angelina’s plus one!

“Que vous fait signifie que je ne suis pas sur la liste d’invité! Je suis l’avantage de Brad et Angelina plus l’un!”

Because knowing how to say this exact phrase will certainly get me into any event!

Do you speak French?

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have to start remembering-or maybe just practicing-my French before I head off to Cannes.

I took French in middle school and high school (about 6 years in total). But I was never very good at it. One time, my teacher (Hi Mme. Becker!) accused me using an online translator to write a paper, when in fact I had written the paper on my own. I had the proficiency of a google translator; that is how bad I was at French. That fact is very depressing indeed.

But the time has come for me to bust out my Franglais. Then again, I’ll probably end up doing what I did when I went to Quebec with my French class in high school. Go to McDonalds.

Countdown to Cannes 2009: 50 days

Today I received my first weekly email from the American Pavilion, preparing me for Cannes. I didn’t realize there were only 50 days until the festival and now I’m starting to get a bit nervous. I’ve made my plane reservation, I’ve turned in all of my paperwork, I know what I’m packing but that was easy in comparison to what the next few weeks have in store for me.

There is my schoolwork; I don’t know how I’m going to finish it all before I leave for Cannes (I’m leaving before finals even start). Then there is the Mount Holyoke News, which already prevents me from finishing my schoolwork until the last minute. How am I supposed to handle these two major things and get ready for Cannes?

I also realized that I should probably brush up on my French. I took French class for 5 years (aka middle school and high school) but I should refresh my brain a little bit while I still can.

Somehow, I’ll figure this all out. I have 50 days after all ;)