Films Watched: August, September and October 2013

And now it’s time for some minor blog maintenance. 2013 continues to be the year I am not really blogging. 2013 also continues to be the year I’m not really watching movies. My grand total stands at an abysmal 91. What can I say? Muddled Brain is a weird thing. But. But! Now that it is Oscar season, I’m starting to watch movies again. Here is what I saw in August, September, and October.

The Impossible (dir. J.A. Bayona, 2012)

Photo: Cineopsis
Photo: Cineopsis

Tsunamis! Destruction! Sad British children! Emotions! Fine, The Impossible often had me in tears. You win this round, Watts. Continue reading “Films Watched: August, September and October 2013”

Films Watched: June 2013

I have watched a grand total of 61 movies this year. 2013 is now officially the year I stopped watching too many movies and became pathetic. Anyways, here is what I watched in June.

Gun Crazy (dir. Joseph H. Lewis, 1950)

gun crazy

Gun Crazy is one of those movies that becomes more intriguing every time I watch it. In many ways, it trumps Bonnie & Clyde, the film it is frequently compared to.

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Films Watched: April and May 2013

Here is what I watched during April and May.

Follow That Dream (dir. Gordon Douglas, 1962)

Elvis Presley Follow That Dream 1962

Only Elvis could make this story seem less absurd. [Related Post: My write-up for Follow That Dream is installment #9 in The Elvis Files.] Continue reading “Films Watched: April and May 2013”