“We’re Going Home With Jodie Foster”: Quick Thoughts on The Golden Globes

As someone who consumes pop culture as if my life depends on it, there is always something to snark about after every awards show. But something remarkable happened during and after the Golden Globes last night: I was left with nothing to complain about. (Well, I could go on a rant about Argo but I won’t bore you with that.)  When the Golden Globes ended last night, I immediately reached the conclusion that it had been the most feminist awards show I had ever seen. Here’s why.  Continue reading ““We’re Going Home With Jodie Foster”: Quick Thoughts on The Golden Globes”

The Golden Globes Summed Up By Celebrity Reactions

By now you’ve read everything you possibly can about last night’s Golden Globes. The winners. The losers. How everyone is coming down on Ricky Gervais for being “too soft”. iI you’re anything like me, you’ve watched Tina Fey photo bombing Amy Poehler and George Clooney complimenting Michael Fassbender’s “golf game” several times.

But geeze, the Golden Globes were boring this year. I dozed off several times. Something was missing and it wasn’t just Mandy Patinkin’s beard. To be fair, it was a fitting ceremony given the serious lack of exciting film nominees… and the serious lack of exciting films in 2011. (I’m really not hyped about any movies this awards season.) Thank goodness for drunken celebrities. They are single reason to watch the Globes each year and some stars really brought their A-game.

Meryl Streep

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69th Annual Golden Globes Predictions

The Golden Globes are mere hours away. Are you excited? Have you poured your first drink yet? I have… because I’m watching the Red Carpet on E! right now and it is torture. As usual. (Why do I put myself through the misery of watching Guiliana Rancic and the Seacrest every year?) Anyway, on Friday’s episode of the Ally and Joanna Show, Ally and I already revealed our preferred Golden Globe winners. But in case you don’t care to listen to a 40 minute podcast, here are my predictions for the film categories.

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Snap Judgments: 69th Annual Golden Globes Nominations

The Ides of March received four nominations. Unsurprising; it is perfect Globes bait.

The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. My snap judgments for some of the categories are below. Continue reading “Snap Judgments: 69th Annual Golden Globes Nominations”