Friggin Twilight

Eclipse is coming. Do you hear it? Or rather, do you hear the packs of screaming girls running towards the local movie theaters?

Last night, I watched Jimmy Kimmel Live: Twilight: Total Eclipse of the Heart. Yes, my unemployment has come to this although no one can sarcastically mock The Twilight Saga as perfectly as Jimmy Kimmel. The hour long special took place in theater where there were hundreds of screaming Twihards and Kristin Stewart was at her moody, uncomfortable best. It was during this special that Kimmel debuted a new soon-to-be classic, Friggin Twilight, starring the dreadfully awful cast of Jersey Shore.

It was at this moment that I realized that nothing can get worse than watching bad Jersey Shore parodies of Twilight. Not even Twilight itself.

Okay, well, maybe watching Jersey Shore is worse.

Fire up the colortinis: Craig Ferguson interviews Stephen Fry

“Sit back, fire up the colortinis, and watch the pictures as they fly through the air.” – Tom Snyder

Last night Craig Ferguson proved why he is the best late night host on television. For one night only Ferguson removed the audience and had a one-on-one interview with Stephen Fry. It’s not a revolutionary idea. As Ferguson points out in his monologue, Larry King and Charlie Rose do this every night. So why bring it to The Late Late Show? After watching the Late Night wars unfold, Ferguson wanted to bring Late Night back to its roots, so to speak.

Tom Snyder, who preceded Craig Kilborn as host of The Late Late Show, would do the show every night with no audience and just talk to people. In his monologue, Ferguson talked about the kinship with audience (who as he points out, found the show on their own) and he asks the audience to indulge him for one night.

Indulge we did. Watch the video to see pure brilliance unfold.

Late Night Wars: Letterman Explains It All

David Letterman has shared his opinions on the grand mess that is also known as NBC. He’s probably the only person who can save us all from the Late Night Wars.

Of course, Conan O’Brien’s official statement on the matter is more to the point:

“For 60 years the Tonight Show has aired immediately following the late local news,” O’Brien said in a statement. “I sincerely believe that delaying the Tonight Show into the next day to accommodate another comedy program will seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting. The Tonight Show at 12:05 simply isn’t the Tonight Show. Also, if I accept this move I will be knocking the Late Night show, which I inherited from David Letterman and passed on to Jimmy Fallon, out of its long-held time slot. That would hurt the other NBC franchise that I love, and it would be unfair to Jimmy.”

[Read the full statement here]

I don’t know what’s going to happen to NBC’s Late Night line-up but it sure has been interesting to watch unfold.

“I am Zach Morris”

Like many people my age I spent my morning before school watching Saved by the Bell. Mark-Paul Gosselaar played Zack Morris, who has become something of an iconic television character in the land of teen sitcoms.

Jimmy Fallon has been attempting for several weeks to put together a Saved by the Bell reunion. So far Mario Lopez (AC Slater), Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle), Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding), Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse Spano) and Gosselaar have all agreed to the reunion. Only Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kupowski) and Dustin Diamond (Screech) are left before the reuion is a go. Gosselaar appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as Zack Morris to promote the second season of Raising the Bar and the Saved by the Bell Reunion. It was a beautiful moment indeed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s official. This SBTB reunion will be glorious.