Heading For The Hills on Mountain Day!

Today is quite probably the greatest day of my life because its Mountain Day!!!!!

Mountain Day is Mount Holyoke’s oldest tradition; it dates back to 1838, a year after MoHo was founded. Mountain Day is further proof that Mary Lyon was a genius.

On one fall morning, Abbey Chapel’s bells ring for five minutes at 7:00 am, signaling the cancellation of the days classes, the academic buildings are locked, and students, faculty, and staff are told to go enjoy nature. Usually this means climbing to the top of Mount Holyoke and enjoying ice cream, served to us by college president and deans.

It is quite possibly the best tradition a college could have. Yesterday a Hampshire student told me she was jealous of Mount Holyoke because of Mountain Day. Other colleges do have their own version of Mountain Day: Colby, Williams, Smith (they “borrowed” the idea from us) etc. but Mount Holyoke has celebrated Mountain Day the longest.

As for me, my five hour environmental science lab was postponed, my Islam paper was postponed, and I got to sleep for two extra hours!!

I’m off to hike Mt Holyoke.

Enjoy your day, you know, working and being stuck inside.

Field Notes from College…

I’m writing a paper about Fatty Arbuckle. Woohoo?

Eh. I guess it’s better than writing my Introduction to Islam paper, my Environmental Science lab report, or my Italian composition. I have too much work this year.

I Should Be Studying…

But I’m kind of burned out after taking a final.

Here’s an article I thought was interesting.

What are the Top 10 most watched movies by men and women?

Top 10 Most Watched Films By Women
1 Dirty Dancing
2 Star Wars trilogy
3 Grease
4 The Sound of Music
5 Pretty Woman
6 The Lord of the Rings trilogy
7 It’s A Wonderful Life
8 The Terminator
9 The Matrix
10 Jaws

Top 10 Most Watched Films By Men
1 Star Wars trilogy
2 Aliens
3 The Terminator
4 Bladerunner
5 The Godfather
6 Alien
7 Jaws
8 Die Hard
9 Terminator 2: Judgment Day
10 The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I’m not surprised that Dirty Dancing tops the female list, considering these stats about my college (remember I go to a women’s college).

Top 10 Movies at Mount Holyoke: (according to Facebook)
1 Love Actually
2 Garden State
3 Amelie
4 Finding Nemo
5 Little Miss Sunshine
6 Crash
7 Fight Club
8 The Notebook
9 Mean Girls
10 Dirty Dancing

Let’s just say this: MoHo’s love Dirty Dancing.

Baby is, after all, one of Mount Holyoke’s most famous students.