Thanks To American Idol, I Publicly Embarassed Myself…. Again

It’s bad enough that whenever I admit that I sort of like Paris Hilton, I get dirty looks from my classmates. You know, that we-go-to-an-elite-womens-college-so-how-dare-you-even-so-much-as-care-about-that-worthless-excuse-for-a-woman look.

Today, I managed to top that blunder.

My politics professor asked if anyone watched American Idol. And guess who was the only person who raised her hand? ME!

And then everyone (all forty people) turned and stared at me.

Except this time it was more of a we-go-to-an-elite-womens-college-so-how-dare-lower-yourself-to-the-level-of-a-UMass-student-and-fill-your-mind-with-pointless-garbage look.

Some people take things too seriously.

And now I’m going to watch The Real World, because that is another example of just how fantastic American media and culture can be.

North by Northwest is still controlling my life!

I handed in my shot-by shot analysis of North by Northwest this afternoon, but I’m still don’t done analyzing this movie for my film class. So, this is where you come in.

For my paper due next week, I have to analyze a character from North by Northwest and I picked Eve Kendell, played by Eva Marie Saint. I have a pretty good idea where I want to go with the paper (considering that I only began thinking about it three minutes ago). Anything you want to share with me would be a big help.

If not, just go watch North by Northwest. I’ve watched it about four times these past two weeks and it keeps getting better.

North by Northwest is TAKING OVER MY LIFE!

For my film class, I have to analyze the first 10 shots of a Hitchcock film. My group was assigned North by Northwest and now I will never be able to watch this movie again. There are only so many times you can watch Cary Grant walk down a street before you want to kill something. At least this picture made me smile.
This is mostly all a lie. After this project, I could still watch North by Northwest all day long.

What I Do With My College Days

I know many of you have been curious how I, Cinefille, a very busy college student, maintains this blog, my little haven for those obsessed with movies.
It’s very simple actually. On a typical day, I usually avoid doing most of my work.
Like at this very moment, I should be writing a thesis statement for a speech I have to deliver in my Gender Studies class next Wednesday, but instead I am knitting, listening to NPR, and deciding whether or not my bamboo plant has died.
At 9, I have to go to a screening of Salt of the Earth which I’m writing my speech in Gender Studies is about so if you’ve ever seen this movie and feel like engaging your brain in some feminist theory, by all means, knock yourself out.
In film class next week we’re watching Schindler’s List. There is nothing like a series of Holocaust films to really brighten your day.
Finals begin in two weeks. I have four papers, two presentations and one exam to look forward to. Can’t you sense my excitement?
Worst of all, my campus, although it is gorgeous (you can see the mountains from the highest floor in library), has lost it’s charm without any leaves on the trees. (The picture is of my dorm in October.)
And some last minute advice for anyone enrolling in college course or planning to enjoy their life. Never, ever take statistics.
So instead of deciding which glorious piece of my schoolwork I will do first, I am procrastinating.
And I could really use a nap.
All this “work” is worth it though. I get six weeks off from school from December 20 to January 28.
An email from my mom.
Hey –

I just happened to look at your blog. I hope you’re exaggerating your lack of work ethic.

Love, Mom

Spartacus Is Slowly Killing Me

My screening for film is on Tuesday nights and this week I had to pleasure of viewing Spartacus.

There is something about Spartacus that is incredibly painstakingly awful. But at the same time, completely awesome. I had a fun time with it.

But now I have to write about paper about Spartacus and that makes me want lead my own revolt.