What’s Going to Happen to Me?

This notice has appeared on my SA’s door.

It’s has something to do with a school tradition that I know absolutely nothing about.

Personally, I believe Paris Hilton is coming to campus and that just wouldn’t fly at a feminist, liberal arts women’s college.

Oh Netflix, How I Missed You

An Ode To My Netflix Queue

Our affair began in December.

My siblings bought me the subscription.

6 months

Two-at-a-time unlimited.

Then, all summer long, my life revolved around you.

Three-at-a-time unlimited, 9 movies a week.

I even managed to get my queue under 200.

And then my mother became a parent.

She realized that Netflix was not good for me.

She prevented me from bringing my Netflix to college.

Well, at least until the end of September.

You have no idea…

How rough these past four weeks have been on me.

I had to socialize.

I had to study.


But I survived…

And tomorrow ….

The day I’ve been waiting for….

My first Netflix arrives.

One-at-a-time unlimited (boo!)

And my queue?

It’s currently at 222.


Here are the pictures from this momentous occasion. All day I waited for this.

What could it be?

My Film Class Rocks…

And I’m probably going to be talking about it A LOT during the next 3 1/2 months.

Just thought you should know that little fact.

Here’s the course description:

Film and History: The Remake

How do films about historical figures and events differ from written versions? Why do Hollywood and the world’s film industries continually re-imagine the events of the past (there have been over 40 films made about Joan of Arc alone), and what do audiences enjoy in these films? Through readings, discussion, and film screenings we will examine the relationship between cinema and history.


What’s awesome is the book we use for the course was written by my professor. That makes the class 100 times more amazing.

And this is where I will be holed up for the next four years. If everything goes according to plan.

I think I might be a bit over excited.

In Other News…

I got into college!!

Got my acceptance letter today. Now I don’t have work for the rest of the year.

In case you’re wondering, I got into Mount Holyoke College (in South Hadley, Mass.) and I plan to study film. Hopefully, (if everything works out) I’ll end up as a film librarian and/or film historian (as dorky as that may sound.)

Well, I’m off to continue my conquering of the world.