Paris Hilton Meets Martin Sheen

Paris Hilton is running for president. This time she has sought out the advice of America’s most famous fake president, Josiah Bartlett, er, Martin Sheen. And he “loves it”.

This is also scary because she probably just as qualified to be vice president as Sarah Palin.

Paris Hilton for President?

Paris Hilton has responded to the John McCain ad that compares Barack Obama to a celebrity like the heiress.

Although I’m not the biggest Paris Hilton fan, I have to admit that this video response, posted on Funny or Die, is quite clever. So kudos to you Paris for sticking it to John McCain

Lost on the Black Pearl with Harry Potter and Darth Vader

There was a time when I watched Lost. Then I realized that wasting my time trying to figure out what 48 15 whatever means is a waste of time.

I still enjoy these occassional Lost parody, probably because I hate the actual series.



Heidi Montag Goes “Higher”

After seeing this display of artistry, I am ashamed to admit that I watch The Hills

Fortunately we live in a country that loves mocking shit the day it comes out (I would try to phrase that more eloquently but I’m too tired).

And then there is Chelsea Handler, who just makes my day better.