Poster Fix: The Skin I Live In (dir. Pedro Almodóvar, 2011)

The poster for Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In (La Piel Que Habito) has been released. I am already in love. The poster, which to me looks like the cover of a romance novella,  is so Almodóvar.

The Skin That I Inhabit, which releases in September, reunites the Spanish director with his old collaborator Antonio Banderas. Before Banderas made it big in Hollywood, he starred in five Almodóvar films: Labyrinth of Passion, Laws of Desire, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! and, my personal favorite, Matador.

Banderas plays a plastic surgeon obsessed with finding the men who raped his daughter. It is a horror story based on Thierry Jonquet‘s novel Mygale. I expect the film to tackle many of the same themes (sex, death, misogyny) seen throughout Almodóvar’s work. I am also intrigued by how Almodóvar will present the father-daughter relationship. Father figures are noticeably absent in his films in favor of female solidarity. Needless to say, I am intrigued and excited.

What are your thoughts on the poster and Almodóvar’s upcoming film?

Poster Fix: Morning Glory

I just saw the posters for the upcoming Harrison Ford-Diane Keaton-Rachel McAdams comedy, Morning Glory and the more promotional material that is released, the more excited I get. Granted, I am a sucker for anything related to broadcast journalism. (See: My love affair with Sports Night.) But when you add that this film written by Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) and directed by Roger Mitchell (Notting Hill), Morning Glory could strike romantic-comedy gold.

McAdams stars as Becky Fuller, the young and harried new producer of “Daybreak”, a failing morning talk show. She brings in veteran anchor Mike Pomeroy (F0rd) to co-host the program with Colleen Peck (Keaton). Jeff Goldblum, Patrick Wilson, and Ty Burrell round out the supporting cast. These three character posters, much like the trailer, emphasize that Morning Glory is all about its quirky characters.

Morning Glory, if it lives up to its charming trailer and these great character posters, will certainly be a movie worth checking out when it hits theaters November 12.

Preview: The Town

Well, I am officially creeped out and sold on seeing The Town, which hits theaters September 17.

The Town is Ben Affleck’s second directorial effort. It stars Affleck as the leader of a group of Charlestown, MA bank robbers. As the gang is pursued by the FBI and one particular agent (Mad Men’s Jon Hamm), Affleck’s character falls for a bank manager (Rebecca Hall). The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner and Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively also star in The Town.

I’m excited to Jon Hamm and Blake Lively in roles beyond their television personas. I have faith I can accept Hamm as a character beyond Don Draper but I am less convinced that Blake Lively can move from her Gossip Girl career to a legitimate film career.

I am particularly excited because some scenes for the movie were filmed in the area where I live.

You can watch an exclusive clip from The Town here. The trailer is embedded below (which if you saw Inception, and there is a 99.9 percent chance that you did, you have already seen.)

The Sex And The City 2 Poster Is Blinding

What is the glaringly bright movie poster for?

Why the second Sex and the City movie, of course. I feel as though I have blinded by gay magic and how this promotional poster has ignored the fact there are three other characters in the movie. Ugh. Why am I even investing my concern and time on things like this movie?

I’m going to watch Friday Night Lights; Lyla Garrity is back in Dillon.

Poster Fix: Mad Men – Season 3

My absolute favorite television show, Mad Men, returns August 16 for its third season. I cannot wait to see what happens next. The poster for the upcoming season, which just speaks to the wonderful, creative awesomeness that is Mad Men.

Here our anti-hero Don Draper (played by Jon Hamm) is just sitting, casually smoking a cigarette as the world around him floods. In the larger version of the poster you can see how much more complex the poster is, with Draper’s scowl becoming more apparent.

I cannot wait for the third season premiere. I have so many ideas of what could happen but I know none of them will happen, which makes Sterling Cooper’s return all the more exciting.

Are you ready?