Snap Judgments: 18th Annual SAG Award Nominations

The Help received the most SAG Award nominations. I don't know why anyone other than Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were nominated.

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominees were announced this morning. This is the first guild to announce their annual nominations and a predictor of what else may come. (Side note: The Broadcast Film Critics nominations were announced yesterday. The Artist and Hugo received 11 nods each. That’s all you need to know.)

As usual there were surprise nominees and a few snubs. None of these snubs were too egregious (except for Parks and Recreation getting zero nominations on the television side of things, but I digress).

The Help continues to (unexpectedly?) receive accolades, receiving four SAG nominations. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy The Help – Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are fantastic – I just don’t think it deserves all the praise it has received.

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The 2011 SAG Awards: A Twitter Recap

Last night it seemed that everyone was taking in the 17th annual SAG Awards. I was, however, was not. It is probably for the best since The King’s Speech win for best ensemble would have made me throw something. Instead I followed everyone’s updates on Twitter.

Here are some of my favorites:

On the award show’s relevancy:

On Betty White’s win for best actress in a comedy series:

On Ernest Borgenine receiving the Life Achievement Award:

On The King’s Speech winning Best Ensemble:

What did you think of last night’s SAG Awards and the winners?

The SAG Awards Live Blog

Follow the link to my first live blog of the 2010 awards season.

16th Annual SAG Awards

And the winners are:

Best Supporting Actor: Christophe Waltz, Inglorious Basterds

Best Supporting Actress: Mo’Nique, Precious

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, Blind Side

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart

Best Ensemble: Inglorious Basterds.

I’d say except for Best Picture , the acting prizes are essentially set in stone. That 10 Best Picture nominees is really going to throw this year’s Academy Awards for a loop.

2010 SAG Award Nominees

Oh heavens. I have been super busy writing a final paper on Head-On and The Edge of Heaven, as well as theoretically analyzing my own film (Have you ever tried that? It’s hard. Who does my professor think I am? Stan Brakhage? But I digress) that I nearly forgot to post my thoughts on the Screen Actors Guild nominees.

Here it goes:

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Live-Blogging the SAG Awards

7:32 PM – Hello party people! Cinefille here and I’m getting ready to live blog the SAG Awards. I’m currently stationed in my friend Aria’s room, who is taking an LSAT prep test. Doesn’t she know that that prevents me from enjoying the wonder that is Ryan Seacrest and the Big Vowel.

She just better leave soon or else I will have to injure her. No one comes in between Cinefille and an award show!

7:37 – Aria is still taking her LSAT test. Tick, tock, tick, tock.

7:40 – Aria is STILL taking the LSAT. You know, Aria doesn’t even want to be a lawyer. I think she is doing this just to spite me.

7:42 – FINALLY. Aria is gone. Time to turn on the Big Vowel. And oh my, what the hell is Nicolette Sheridan wearing?

7:50 – Debbie with the Greek last name that I can’t spell always comes across as drunk whenever she interviews someone. No wonder she got canned from The View.

7:55 – So it is a good thing I turned on the Big Vowel so late. Without Seacrest, this pre-show is a downer.

8:00 – Time for the SAGs!! There was just a shot of William Shatner popping a giant champagne bottle with a couple of models. Only you Shatner, only you.

8:01 – Time for the “I’m an Actor”, when actor’s tell funny (not usually) anecdotes about when they knew they were going to be an actor. This year the stories come from Eva Longoria Parker, Victor Garber, Phylicia Rashad, Anil Kapoor (I think, correct me if I’m wrong about that),Tom Cavanaugh, Jenna Fisher, Will Arnett, and Steve Carell.

Steve Carell had the best line: “On January 15 a pilot named Chelsey Sullenberger landed a place in the icy waters of the Hudson River. It’s a good thing I was not behind the wheel of that plane, because I’m Steve Carell and I’m an actor.”

8:05 – First award – Best Award in a Comedy Series – to Tina Fey. Shocker. Funny speech, it’s a cute tribute to her daughter

8:09 – Apparently Dev Patel can’t read from a teleprompter. He wrote the introduction to Slumdog Millionaire.

8:10 – Actor in a Comedy Series – Thank you Jon Hamm for that AMAZING joke about Chinese Olympic Team. Alec Baldwin wins, who somehow never fails to come across as a jerk.

8:19 – Evan Rachel Wood introduces a montage about aptly titled “Trailblazers”. She introduced it with such a monotone I thought we were a the “In Memoriam” portion the evening. Does the SAG suddenly think it is the AMPAS all of the sudden? Only the Academy Awards can do pointless montages and do them much better. That was a crappy montage.

8:22 – Why is Claire Danes here?

8:23 – The award for Best Comedy Series ensemble goes to… the cast of 30 Rock. Yet another shocker. Jane Krakowski accepts the award. I was hoping Tracey Morgan would accept the award. And that was a nice diss of the cast of Ally McBeal, Jane Krakowski. “The cast of 30 Rock is defintely a much heavier cast.” Tina Fey loved it but it took a second for everyone to get the punchline.

8:27 – Frank Langella and Michael Sheen. FRANK LANGELLA! And Michael Sheen. Just kidding. I like Michael Sheen too.

8:29 – Greg Kinnear announces the first film category – Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Fingers crossed for Penelope Cruz or Viola Davis or Amy Adams or Taraji P. Henson or Kate Winslet. I can’t really decided on a favorite in case you couldn’t tell.

Kate Winslet wins! Does this mean that Winslet will finally win an Oscar? Remember, she nominated for The Reader in the Best Actress category, not for Best Supporting Actress.

8:38 – Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series. Sidebar: I just noticed that the SAG is politically correct these days. No more actresses here!

Hugh Laurie wins. Will Jon Hamm ever win for Mad Men? I know he’s won a Golden Globe, but will Jon Hamm

8:42 – John Krasinski and Amy Poehler presenting an award for Best Actress – ahem Female Actor – in a Drama series. Finally interesting presenters. Can Amy Poehler and Tina Fey just host an award show already?

Sally Field wins! I personally wanted Peggy Olson, I mean, Elisabeth Moss to win. At least Sally Field always makes a lovely acceptance speech.

8:47 – Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin, and James Franco introduce a clip Milk. I hope Milk wins.

8:49 – Time for a Drama Series Ensemble to be presented. I love that Eric McCormack poked fun at the Denny as a ghost story line from Grey’s Anatomy. Oh the jokes you can tell when certain people aren’t present!

8:51Mad Men wins! It is by far the best drama on television right now, so the best cast definitely won.

8:57 – I really have to pee. But Aria told me that I’m not allowed to leave her room since she’s still taking the LSAT. Did I mention that she doesn’t even want to be a lawyer? Sometimes I just don’t get Aria. I know this has nothing to with the SAG Awards but I really have to pee. But I can’t because Aria has trapped me in her room. So I’m bitter and venting on the internet.

9:00 – The director of the SAG is talking and since I’m not an actor, I really don’t care about what he has to say.

9:01 – Forest Whitaker is presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to James Earl Jones. I hope he finishes talking soon and that the video tribute isn’t too long so I can listen to Jones to give a speech.

9:06 – It’s ironic that James Earl Jones has one of the most iconic voices in entertainment history and someone else is narrating his life story.

9:08 – This is taking a little bit too long for my liking (mostly because I still have to pee). I just updated The Doozy Marooney in order to distract myself.

9:13 – James Earl Jones made a short but sweet speech. After referencing Genesis and comparing the actor to God (because an actor has a similar responsibility to give life and meaning to a character) he said this: “Paul Newman, someone down here likes you.”

9:19 – Outstanding Performance by an Actress – Female Actor – in a Television Movie or Mini-Series goes to Laura Linney. It was presented by Ernest Borgenine. Hehe, he’s so cute.

9:23 – Amy Adams and Viola Davis introduce a clip from Doubt.

9:24 – Male Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-Series goes to… Paul Giamatti.

9:26 – Susan Sarandon introduces the “In Memoriam” segment.

9:31 – Aria’s back. I CAN PEE!

9:33 – Aahh, relief.

9:36 – Male Actor in a Supporting Role – goes to Heath Ledger. Gary Oldman accepts the award on his behalf.

9:39 – Taraji P. Henson and Brad Pitt introduce a clip from Benjamin Button. They also cannot read teleprompters.

9:42 – I really enjoy watching award shows with Aria. In the ten minutes since she’s been in the room she has already said this: “I’d be on board with him (Heath Ledger) not winning” and “Brad Pitt is hot but he can’t read for shit” and “Oh you want me to win? Thank you!”.

9:48 – Ralph Fiennes presents the award for Best Actress – I mean Female Actress. I’ll never get used to that. Aria upon seeing Ralph Fiennes: “Oh! Voldemort!

MERYL STREEP WINS! Standing ovation!! “Even though awards mean nothing to me anymore, I’m very happy.”Haha! Best. Speech. Ever!

9:54 – Male Actor in a Leading Role – goes to Sean Penn. Surprisingly, it is his first SAG win. I did not know that.

9:59 – Anthony Hopkins (or Mr CIA man as Aria called him) Best Ensemble – Slumdog Millionaire.

10:03 – The SAG Awards are over. It is pretty safe to say that Slumdog Millionaire isn’t going to win many awards.

Just kidding. Slumdog Millionaire is going to clean up at the Oscars. But as for the acting categories… they have been thrown a huge curveball. Sean Penn instead of Mickey Rourke; Meryl Streep instead of Kate Winslet; and Kate Winslet winning in the supporting category for The Reader when she is only nominated for Best Actress.

I really have no clue who is going to the Oscar now.

And Aria just told me she isn’t listening to me as I ramble on about the Oscars. I think that means it is time for me to leave her room.

Cinefille out.