Skins Rewind: Sex, Power, and Relationships

The first season of Skins has been building up to this episode and the bitch slap heard round the world. Michelle has finally had enough of Tony and his lies. So, episode 7. Here it goes. Continue reading “Skins Rewind: Sex, Power, and Relationships”

Skins Rewind: Maxxie and Anwar Do Russia

Welcome to the most ridiculous episode of Skins in the history of Skins. On one hand, it’s about the wonderful romance – okay, friendship – between Anwar and Maxxie. (Aside: I’m convinced that Dev Patel and Mitch Hewer should star in a buddy cop movie together. It needs to happen.) On the other, this episode sets off the major events that happen that have the most lasting impact on the first Skins generation. And it’s all set in Russia. Sorry Russia, you never knew what was coming. Or did you?

Wuv. True wuv.

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Skins Rewind: Soviet History According To Sid Jenkins


Oh, Sid Jenkins. You lovable awkward fool. Your best friend is a manipulative jerk. You’re stuck in the worst love square ever. You’re in love with your best friend’s girlfriend. You don’t realize that someone else is crushing on you hard. And you also failed your history class. You just can’t win.

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Skins Rewind: Want To Hear About The Best Day Of My Life?

Chris is arguably the most-loved Skins character. (I vote for Chris and Naomily. You?) On the surface he’s a fun-loving, pill popping party guy but deep down he’s a sensitive soul. He thinks that dancing is the best thing in the world and he loves fish. (Literally and pun-intended.) And more than anyone, he’s dependent on his friends, especially when he reaches his breaking place in this episode.

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Skins Rewind: Don’t You Talk To Me Through Glass

Jal holds the group together. But who helps Jal?

Jal is the smart-talking, classical music whiz kid with on a lot on her plate. She’s a finalist in the Young Musician of the Year Competition and she’s the most responsible member of the originals Skins gang. Jal is always looking out of friends. Thankfully this week that doesn’t require her to keep Chris from gawking at Angie. This is our first real look at the only character not present during that first night of classic Skins debauchery. She’s the daughter of an emotionally distant rap mogul who doesn’t take her music aspirations seriously and the sister to two delightfully goofy goons who are also trying to please their father. Basically Jal’s just trying to keep it together before her competition but things have a way of not working out.

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