Skins (US) Finale Recap: Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

Well folks we made it. Last Monday the first season – and potentially only season – finale of MTV’s Skins aired. After all the often unnecessary hype this show has generated, did you ever think it would happen?

“Eura/Everyone” focused mostly on when Tony’s silent sister Eura goes missing and Tony enlists his former friends to help him find his dear little sis. The episode was filled with tender and funny moments, a few hijincks, and it wrapped up everyone else’s storyline as cleanly (and somewhat boring) as you can imagine. There were no big surprises; no one was hit by a bus. But the result was a solid conclusion with enough open-endings that if by some chance Skins does get a second season, there is enough room for more development.

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Skins (US) Recap: Teachers Aren’t Grown Ups

Ah, penultimate episode of Skins, I never thought you would arrive. Seriously. After the major hype the American adaptation of Skins received, I fully expected this show to have been given a firm boot or be severely reedited. Am I glad? Yes, because after tonight I don’t have to care about what happen during this season for quite some time. I’m looking forward to most story lines being wrapped up and very ready for Tony Snyder to never grace my television screen again.

But first things first, the penultimate episode, all about teacher Tina, did something Skins has never done before: let the episode take place from the perspective of an adult. Or in the case of Tina, a 23-year-old woman who is sleeping with a 17-year-old boy and someone who hardly considers herself a grown-up. Was it a success? Well, let’s get into it and find out.

"If I just sit here and pretend to grade these papers, no one will know that I just slept with my student in a tree house."

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TeenNick: Making Your Dreams Come True

Attention all you recent college grads who can’t get to sleep at a decent hour because of the stress of trying to get your life in order (thanks crappy economy!). TeenNick is coming to the rescue! Beginning this fall TeenNick is launching a new midnight-to-2 a.m. programming blockThe ’90s Are All That. This is your chance to rewatch all your favorite shows like Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Bynes Show, All That and Clarissa Explains It All.

This the best fall programming news yet. Why should I waste my time with the new shows the networks are trying to shell out when I can just spend my late nights with Clarissa Darling or Pete & Pete?

My one request: Please let the ’90s version of Veronica Mars, Alex Mack, make an appearance!

What was your favorite 90s show? And if you haven’t seen this ode to teen shows of yesteryear, do so now. (Really, I insist!)

Skins (US) Recap: Remember, smile like you’re pretty

We’ve reached the fourth episode of MTV’s Skins experiment. Slowly it is coming together. The more you watch each episode, the better they get. In the case of Cadie Campbell, Britne Oldford shined.

Cadie is trying to find some purpose in her life. Her parents and her therapists don’t know how to deal with her emotions. Her friends just use her for her drugs. Her life is insane. Here is what happens when one therapist convinces her to go off her meds

Cadie has problems. Having drugs isn't one of them.

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Happy 90210 Day!

Today, September 2, 2010,  is a glorious day in pop culture history. We get to celebrate one of the greatest high school soap operas, Beverly Hills 90210, and its current inception, 90210.

Where would we be without this show that lasted for 10 seasons? Certainly no, The O.C., Degrassi or Skins, the notable teen dramas of the aughts.

There would be no Brenda-Dylan-Kelly love triangle, no Donna Martin, no Brandon fist pump.

While I am not crazy about 90210, I do watch it religiously. (Because Shenae Grimes was Darcy Edwards on Degrassi, and I just can’t give up on Darcy Edwards!) I hope the third season goes above and beyond seasons one and two (and believe me, it isn’t hard.) And yes, it is a huge marketing error to not premiere the current season tonight. This day only comes along once in lifetime!

How have you been celebrating your 90210 day? Have you been enjoying the waning days of August? Did you host a crazy Beverly Hills 90210 themed party, where you dress like David Silver and reenact exceptional scenes like this one:

Happy 90210 day! Enjoy it!