The Most Perplexing and Unanswerable Questions About Spring Breakers

Photo: Empire Online
Photo: Empire Online

Ever since I saw Spring Breakers on Monday night, not only has James Franco’s grill been haunting me but this movie has left me with a endless number of questions. Such as:
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Everything I Thought During Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Source: Cinemablend

Yes, I saw Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters on Friday night. Because. Reasons. Also because it’s January, life is stressful, and Amour will probably depress me until the end of time. (I can’t handle those feelings yet.) Hansel and Gretel was, um, entertaining enough. Besides it’s not like I expected that much. Still I should never let my mind wander during a movie. As you will read, it’s never pretty.  Continue reading “Everything I Thought During Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”

Who Are These Generic White People in Safe Haven?

Safe Haven
I bet my crappy Instagram photo makes you want to see Safe Haven

I was in Barnes and Noble the other day buying books (because I am a dinosaur) when I saw the display for Safe Haven. This is apparently the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation and this year’s Valentine’s Day tearjerker. I stared at the book cover for a long time before accepting that I didn’t recognize the actors. It’s not my fault. They’re just… so… white, indistinguishable and blah. Naturally, I have made some educated guesses about who they could be. Continue reading “Who Are These Generic White People in Safe Haven?”

Everything I Thought During Skyfall

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Is Skyfall the best Bond ever? I’ll let Roger Moore be the judge of that, which is probably a good thing considering the train of thought I had while watching the movie last night. Some spoilers follow so read at your own risk.

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